March 20, 2019

Limited Edition Paper Prototype Decks at #GDC19!

Limited Edition Paper Prototype Decks at #GDC19!

This week we are in San Francisco for GDC 2019! Our founder Mark and the brilliant team from Choice Provisions will be trolling the streets of San Francisco until Friday. While we don't have a booth, we do have the paper prototype of Baeond on us and we'll be ready and excited to teach you how to play.

GDC is always a hectic week, so keep a close eye on Baeond's Twitter account. We'll be setting up shop in the lobby of the W Hotel and the surrounding GDC haunts for as many hours as possible throughout the week. Reach out via email if you'd like to set up a time to learn how to play.

We'll also have promotional postcards with us and we want to do something fun with them. If you come and learn how to play, then get someone else to come back and learn how to play with a postcard you gave them(coming with 2 people counts), we'll put you both down for free Testnet Suena & Zenith decks, one for each of you. You'll both also be eligible to go home with a copy of a sealed Baeond paper prototype. There are less than 10 of these in existence.

We'll have even more to share later this week!