April 26, 2019

Podcast Appearances, Demos, Kickstarter, and More...

This month, we were thrilled to have Mark guest on Digitally Rare, the premiere podcast focused on digital scarcity and what it means for our lives as digital citizens. The show is hosted by Matt Condon of XLNT and maintainer of OpenZeppelin and Johnathan Mann who you might know for making a song just about every day for 10 years.

The folks over at Messari also had us guest on their Unconfirmed-style podcast, Unqualified Opinions. You can catch the (slightly botched) livestream above, and hear the episode itself below. Don't forget to subscribe to the feed on your favorite podcast app!

Last week, Mark talked about and demoed Baeond at the Indy Hall Show And Tell this month! Be sure to follow us on Instagram we'll be sharing more and answering questions via Stories!

While the only way to buy a deck right now is with BTC via our website, we have a few new avenues in the works. We're working hard on a Kickstarter with exclusive rewards, and deeper discounts on bulk deck pricing than anywhere else on the web. We're also working closely with the brilliant folks at OpenSea to set up a channel for folks with ETH to participate in the presale as well. Keep a close eye on Twitter for more and don't forget to come join us on Discord!