March 8, 2019

Hello, Baeond.

Hello, Baeond.

Hey! I'm Mark. I run a company called Playproof and we're building a game called Baeond. It's so good to have you here. Today is a big day for us. We've spent the last year or so pulling together all the pieces we need to build what we believe is the only crypto card game worth playing.

We've closely watched the crypto games space since the 2017 rise of Cryptokitties and we have yet to see a game that could stand on its own merits without the crypto macguffin. Nearly every crypto game stops short of originality: pokemon on the blockchain, beanie babies on the blockchain, hearthclones on the blockchain. A game is more than a gamified economy, so we set out to create the most incredible game we could given the new design space crypto networks afford us. We built a game that is super easy to learn, but with lots of knobs and levers of complexity for players to discover. We hope you'll check out the rules & the quickstart guide and explore the world we've built for you.

We are a battle-tested, thoroughly experienced crew of makers, no strangers to the trials and tribulations of building something from scratch. We are massive proponents of lean startups, remote work, and autonomy. We've only raised $85K USD from Angel investors (👋Hi Jack, Ron, Family, 💜🙏!) and now we're looking to our future constituency to support development and propel the project forward. We're very much speaking directly to folks who understand crypto to some extent and realize what is possible when games use architecture like this. We're also very much leaning into the Early Access era of digital gaming as a touchstone for this new kind of model in which players individually own their digital game pieces and collectively own the game's ruleset. With a game as complex as a digital asset collectible card game with upgradable cards, the sooner we can get players breaking it, the better.

We're not quite ready to share too much in the way of technical details just yet; we're laser focused on the core systems of the game first. At their cores, crypto networks are applied game theory without considering game design. We have been working on architecture, but since the game's design will inform so much of the network's topography, we don't see any reason to take on any more technical debt than is necessary until we're content with the development and balance of the game of Baeond. We'll be ready to share more about the technical details in the weeks to come and we're really looking forward to getting your feedback and working alongside you to build the network Baeond deserves. Until then, you can read more about the technical side in our FAQ.

We'll be sharing more and more with you over the coming days, weeks, months, and if we're lucky, years.