This week, we’re pulling the curtain further back to tell you more about what you can expect from us in 2022. Buckle up, this is more info than we've ever shared.

Baeond is a digital card game unlike any you’ve ever played. Think games like Dominion, Magic: The Gathering and Netrunner, but all digital—instead of printing those cards on paper, they’re minted onto a network we own together.

The #worldofBaeond is set in a kaleidoscopically inclusive post-singularity context. Whether a mind started organic and is now in a synthetic body, the other way around, or anything in between, life is not stratified. All come as they are.

In a match of Baeond, you are a Queller, seeking Rifts and siphoning Aether, a quantum magic substance that unlocks this world’s proto-utopic conditions. Aether is used to craft and imbue corporeal objects, bringing an effective end to scarcity of needs.

Turn by turn, Wield the cards in your deck to Quell Aeons, adding cards to your deck throughout the match. Every card can be used as cost or deployed to the field--make wise choices or you’ll find yourself vulnerable. The Queller who siphons the most Aether wins!

Between matches, you’ll be crafting cards for your Queller deck to stay ahead of what we think of as a ‘self-healing metagame’—player-owned digital mints provide trustless assurances around metagame shifts and power spikes. While you’re not playing, you’ll be lending your collection to other players, new and old.

Baeond will be in testnet for at least a year. After that, we’ll have another year in Testnet.5 during which our centrally controlled mint will do so on Solana and honor game pieces used there. When Mainnet goes live, all players will start fresh.

On February 1, the first of nine Solana-based early access keys will be available on Founder Keys are a bulk discount on individual decks: 5 copies of all 7 decks at Mainnet + bleeding edge client builds via exclusive channels in our discord server.

Later this year, the Portal to the #WorldofBaeond will open. Stake keys for exclusive rewards and work together to keep the portal open for other players. There's also exclusive merch drop that those of you who are crypto native will want to keep your eyes bonded to.

Next time, we’ll dive deeper into the temporal scope of Baeond.

In the meantime, ready to play?

Find a copy of our Steam Workshop build available for Tabletop Simulator on Steam.

Download our print & play prototype to make your own proxies. Starting March 1, stream Baeond to an audience for a free Queller key.

Join our Discord for chances at free copies of TTSIM and Rift Keys.

That's all for now, see you in the Baeond.