November 11, 2019


Who likes writing delay blog posts?
Show of hands...? No one?
....Hmmm, yeah, that adds up, actually.

However unpleasant they are, delays happen. The games space has made strides in avoiding crunch by being more vocal and communicative with players, so we're following suit. Our Kickstarter campaign is still very much on the way, but we're taking a few more weeks to polish the gems and sand down the rough corners. If you've ever run a Kickstarter campaign, you know how much work goes into it. We want to make sure we put our best foot forward and aren't rushing content out the door. We think you're going to love what we have in store for you once it's ready.

In fact, that's the new launch date: 'when it's ready'

We're not sharing a new date until we're so super sure the campaign will be live on that day. In the meantime, we'll be sharing bits & bobs on social and running a few ad campaigns to test the waters and drum up attention leading up to the campaign launch. At least now we've got something in common with Ethereum 2.0 with our new launch date of Soon™️!

We very much appreciate your understanding and patience, so in the interest of transparency, here are some of the pieces of the puzzle we're still working hard on:

  • Filling out the content calendar with written narrative that will start fleshing out the universe we've been building for you + social posts.
  • Completing a key art piece for Zenith
  • Completing concepting on the other 3 characters in the first group of 5 we're revealing during the campaign
  • Finalizing & testing the ad campaigns we'll be running through Facebook & Instagram
  • Finishing the Kickstarter campaign video (after losing the entire first shoot and cut to a Razer laptop 😡)
  • Deploy the Ethereum smart contracts that will mint the keys you'll get for participating in the Kickstarter
  • Finalize the design of the Suena hoodie we're making in partnership with Insert Coin as rewards for the Founder tier and up.

We're just back to the States after working with the Algarve Tech Hub for two months; we have more to share on our partnership during the campaign. In fact, we did a short talk at Coding Portugal's Faro meetup that went beautifully. We'll be sharing the video here, too.

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