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Lifting the curtain behind the game of Baeond

Nov 11, 2019


Who likes writing delay blog posts? Show of hands...? No one? ....Hmmm, yeah, that adds up, actually. However unpleasant they are, delays happen. The games space has made strides in avoiding crunch by

Oct 8, 2019

Press (Kick)Start

Some time has passed since we last spoke and we've undergone a few rearrangements as well. We're ready to share with you some details around funding and what is next for Baeond.

Apr 12, 2019

Our Notions Of The Future

Our Notions Of The Future

Baeond's team is totally remote, so we rely heavily on productivity tools to keep in touch and on the same page. This week, we're showcasing our tool of choice for maintaining a central

Mar 15, 2019

Release: Baeond Paper Prototype PDF

Release: Baeond Paper Prototype PDF

Greetings, folks! Welcome to our first Friday update. We're looking forward to updating you each and every Friday with something new. Whether it's new art, new story, technical details, or just an update

Mar 8, 2019

Hello, Baeond.

Hello, Baeond.

Hey! I'm Mark. I run a company called Playproof and we're building a game called Baeond. It's so good to have you here. Today is a big day for us. We've spent the